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Various types of shelves | Store construction

This is Ageha / Desmond. Starting today, we will deliver a blog to everyone! !!

Even if I say it, I think that it is often overlooked ...

Please watch over there warmly ^ ^

■ Various bookshelves

Now, let's write a blog about the shelves that often appear in the interior! !!

There are various things on the shelves,

This is a bookshelf.

The image is a woman reading a book.

If you can read various books and improve your knowledge

I wonder how good it is every day. It's hard to read the reality, but ... (crying)

I wish I could meet a good book ~ ♪

Do you guys meet?

■ Bookshelf at home

This seems to be a bookshelf at home! !!

What kind of bookshelf is in your home?

There is a large bookshelf made by our carpenter as well as the bookshelf of William Shamrock office! !!

Its bookshelf contains many catalogs suitable for stores, interior decoration and refurbishment. We sincerely hope that you can provide your favorite materials, and we have prepared a lot.

The trick is to decide the material, but there is also a way to decide while matching the whole, but it is to decide the part (place) you want to make a point and decide the material you want to use there, "This is it !!".

■ bar counter back shelf

This is the bar counter back shelf, but it's a very important point for the shop! !! It is no exaggeration to say that! !!

100% attention from customers! !! This is the part where the image of the store changes completely.

And it will affect the sales of liquor ✨💲

Store interiors and refurbishments are an important part of what most customers are thinking about.

I think so

Are you looking forward to what kind of shelf you want?

■ This and that of the shelves

As for the shelves, there is only a device! !! The idea is up to you. Taking advantage of that idea, we have made many shelves, mainly for store interiors and renovations. You will surely be able to realize your desired shelf idea! !!

I wrote my first blog like this.

Although I was late to introduce myself, I am Ageha Desmond, who became a blogger at the William Shamrock office from today ♪ Thank you for your continued support ^^

As you can see, I wish I could be so beautiful. That's it ^^



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