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Is the impression of the office determined by the "floor"? !!

Store interior work / store renovation work specialist William Shamrock Office It's molly ♪

It's finally raining in Osaka ... Humidity is high, and I tend to feel depressed as to whether the days will continue to be dull. Rain is also necessary (^^) /, isn't it? I think I should take a positive view and increase the number of rain protection items. I'm already looking for it online (laughs) For raincoats! umbrella!

About flooring design

What color is your office floor? ?? The floor of William Shamrock office I use brown and green carpet tiles (^^) / It has a modern and calm atmosphere. Actually, as an image of design The brown carpet part is the trunk of the tree The green carpet is a leaf ☆ 彡 Isn't it nice? ??

Also built by the construction team It goes very well with big shelves and desks I always work in a comfortable space. Thank you ~ ♪ And the back tricks of an interior specialist contractor are quite packed in the office ~ What's behind the scenes ... (..) φ Memo Memo I'm curious. If you are interested, please contact us from the following or come to the office ♪ I'm waiting with my neck long ♡ I may not be able to wait for a long time (laughs)

About the types and characteristics of flooring materials

The office floor casually I walk every day, so "What color was it?" "What kind of material was it?" Maybe some of you thought that? ??

There are a wide variety of flooring and flooring materials, and they have various characteristics! Also used on the floor of William Shamrock office The feature of tile carpet is that only the dirty part can be removed. Since it absorbs sound, it has a soundproofing effect, and it can be used in combination. The design is also high. And, in general, I often see it in the office, Vinyl type floor material High degree of freedom in design, low cost to reproduce realistic wood grain and stone grain And it has the features that it is compatible with shoes and is not slippery and does not easily soak in water. Many companies use it. After all, it's easy to clean! !! This is very important, isn't it?

When I start talking about flooring, it gets long and I can't see the end ... Let me talk about the continuation when you actually call or meet (* ^-^ *) It's time to replace the existing floor Those who are considering starting up an office, relocating, etc. Please feel free to contact William Shamrock Office ♪ We are looking forward to hearing from you. Click here for inquiries ☟



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