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[Free estimate for store interior work]

LowCost & HighDesign

Do you think store interior work is expensive? We hold down store construction costs by directly constructing the "core" carpentry work of store interior work, and have many "cheap but cool" tips that we have cultivated over many years. Interior work can be done at a low price with a design that suppresses the overall interior cost and renovation cost. Please feel free to contact us. We offer free and easy plans to quotes.

LowCost &

[Service list]

We provide various store construction services that meet the needs of our customers. Whether you are thinking about designing a select shop, interior work for a restaurant, interior decoration for a bar, or a simple makeover for your office, a major design change If you are thinking about this, please see the service list below and book your consulting now.


Store interior work | Renovation work

interior work

Various store interior works

Store renovation work

Store remodeling | Maintenance


Various store remodeling

Repair / maintenance

Store design | Store design


Design of each business type, design

Advice, support

Consultation of various store troubles


Trouble between vendors

Problem support with landlord


[Store interior work | Store renovation work]

We have been involved in many store constructions so far. So you shouldn't be surprised by the requests from our clients. We will gladly support not only the following types of store construction but also small-scale construction such as interior remodeling and renovation. Please contact us before you have any concerns about the scale, budget, or delivery date. We do free and easy planning-quotation.


■ Correspondence area

Osaka: Osaka city, Osaka Hokusetsu area, southern Osaka

Hyogo: Kobe City, Amagasaki City, Sanda City

Kyoto: Kyoto City, Nagaokakyo City


​[We are a specialist in store interiors]

We are a specialist in store interior construction. We are assembling store construction mainly for the following specialized construction. The following specialized works can be used at a low price regardless of the scale. Please use it for store remodeling, store maintenance, store repair, etc. I try to respond as soon as possible.

[Carpentry work]

□ Floor construction

□ Ceiling work

□ Wall construction

[Furniture and furniture work]

□ Counter construction

□ Cash register, etc.

□ Other woodworking

[Light sky / LGS [Construction]

□ Partition / ceiling

□ Soundproof wall construction

□ Section work

[Water services / equipment construction]

[Duct construction]

[Electrical equipment construction]


■ Correspondence area

Osaka: Osaka city, Osaka Hokusetsu area, southern Osaka

Hyogo: Kobe City, Amagasaki City, Sanda City

Kyoto: Kyoto City, Nagaokakyo City

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​[Shop design | Store design]

You can do store interior work with your favorite design. We are a contractor. Therefore, we do not receive any "design fee". However, with more than 30 years of construction experience, we can make the perfect proposal for our clients. Store interior. If you are thinking of renovation work at a low price, please leave it to us as a contractor. The budget-controlled design has been well received by many customers.

□ Italian
□ Japanese food
□ Cafe

[Road shop]
□ Izakaya
□ Ramen shop
□ Bakery

[Classrooms / facilities]
□ Cram school
□ Jim Studio
□ Salon

[Other various formats]
[Building side construction]

I am creating a basic plan for free. After that, we will continue to hold meetings several times to constantly control the budget and design. I think that it is only a store contractor who can always keep in mind the most important budget control in store design and design.


LowCost &

​[Consultation of various store troubles]

​If you are unfortunately in trouble during the store interior work, please contact us. Also, if you have any concerns before you get into trouble, please feel free to contact us. Trouble can occur not only after completion but also during construction, before construction, and in various situations. There are also patterns that are unique to the store refurbishment industry, so easy decisions can make the problem more complicated. We will grasp the situation from a third-party standpoint and quickly give the best advice to the client.

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