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[Toyonaka City Shonai Beauty Salon] Voice from owner E 

Specializing in store interior construction and store renovation work This is Molly from William Shamrock Office (*^-^*) It's raining in Osaka today, and it's cold anyway! !・・・ It's supposed to get a little warmer during the day... Hurry up and be spring~♡ I can't wait for spring.

Toyonaka City "Beauty Salon" just beside Shonai Station has been completed♪

Completed the other day Mr. E of Ko Olina gave us a voice after the completion of construction (*'ω'*) Thank you Mr. E! ! The request this time is for the interior construction of a beauty salon. It was a very old building, so it was construction while doing trial and error. How can I create a cool and “Hawaiian” image without spending a lot of money? I thought. How can I make Mr. E's thoughts "shape", Every day, the staff had a lot of discussions, and we were able to open in February without any problems☆

👇 Before construction

Voices from real owners

Since we had decided on the opening date, we initially requested an estimate from another company. either expensive or time consuming. I'm sure I won't make it in time... I almost gave up on the way. In the midst of this, half giving up, I went to the "William Shamrock Office" I asked him to come to the site to investigate, but it's just a twist! ! The prompt and accurate response to questions, the ability to make proposals, And I was attracted to the personality of the staff (*^^*) I decided to ask William Shamrock Office. In the middle of the story, I remembered the past and there was a scene where I cried... I think I was filled with a lot of anxiety.

After construction (2F Treatment ROOM)👇

our thoughts

Mr. E, this time we received a request for store interior construction, Thank you very much. and during construction Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness, such as the treats. I think I was really worried until it was completed. We, the traders, understand all the thoughts, I think it's difficult to make it "shape", but... Snuggle up even a little, listen, Even if something happens, I value building a relationship where I can talk properly, From now on, I would like to be devoted to it. The joy of seeing a customer's smile when the work is completed is exceptional☆彡 Also, construction examples will be uploaded (*^-^*) Please take a look♪ And please feel free to contact us if you are considering store interior construction ☆ We look forward to hearing from you♪ William Shamrock Office ☎072-665-8869

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