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Training course for food sanitation managers

It has been a while. This is Desmond Ageha. It's autumn and it's a very comfortable season How are you all doing?

On a personal note, the other day, I went to a food sanitation manager training seminar. Why did you go to that seminar? "Maybe I should open a restaurant." in addition "Is there any hint for those who are starting a business?" Because that's what I thought.

  • When operating a food store, the business operator must appoint a food sanitation manager for each facility.

  • The seminar is a training seminar for becoming a food hygiene manager.

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About 130 people attended the seminar today. About half men and women Age between 20's and 60's I had the impression that there were many people in their 30s. (It's a feeling, but...)

A lot of people are thinking about the store business that handles food. As long as I'm happy to have a lot of delicious shops. I wholeheartedly support you.

Venue location

I went to a venue called "Hotel Primrose Osaka" called Tanimachi 4-chome in Chuo-ku (the location may change depending on the day). It is also known as "e-learning". Since I went by light truck, there was no parking space available, and I could not stop the underground parking lot (trucks not allowed) I parked in a parking lot a little far from the venue and walked about 10 minutes to the venue from there. If you go by car, you need to confirm the parking lot.

What are you going to do?

9:30-9:55 Reception Seated 10:00-12:30 Lecture Food Hygiene 2 hours 30 minutes 12:30-13:00 Lecture Public Health 30 minutes 13:00-13:45 Lunch break 13:45-16:45 Lecture Food Sanitation Act 3 hours with video.           There is also a confirmation test (easy) answer match. 16:45-17:00 Hand over the certificate←You will receive the certificate on the same day.

All lectures follow the text. Morning lectures and afternoon lectures seem to make me a little sleepy (laughs). For details, please see the previous website.

Well, 👆 at the William Shamrock office I have run many restaurants. I'm very proud♪ The store that was created while accepting the owner's passion, thinking together, and having meetings It's been a very good shop. The shop that I made with hard thought is very important. We sincerely hope that our store will be loved by many customers.

What are you good at?

From the experience of making many stores so far, It's "ingenuity". In the homeless store, we make good use of things that can be used Please use what you have to endure as it is Cheaper! Cool! I'm trying to be able to ingenuity to be a shop.

👆 Feel free to contact us anytime. Please knock on the door of William Shamrock's office. I don't think this woman exists. ..

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