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it's spring🌸

My name is Desmond Ageha from the William Shamrock office.

How are you doing?

After spending a busy winter, it's spring before you know it. When it gets warmer, the cherry blossoms bloom at once I feel the speed of time. Spring is the season of parting? Graduation, transfer, etc... (tears) However, it is also the season for many encounters such as entrance ceremonies and joining the company... Why don't you make time to cherish time according to the flowering of cherry blossoms?

I made a lot of shops.

Well, our company William Shamrock Office 👇 So far, I've been able to make a lot of shops.

Relationship with host

From meeting the customer on-site to completion We share the same time almost every day, such as phone calls, emails, and of course, meeting and seeing the site. But once it's done, the exchange is pretty much over. Donor will be thinking about the future shop from OPEN to the business of the shop. Therefore, we believe that handing over is something that "the owner departs". We will be watching over you and supporting you from the bottom of our hearts.

Construction in February

Well, in the middle of February, I was able to work on it when it was still cold. This is a takeout fruit sandwich shop. It is said that preparations have been made, so we are looking forward to the opening.

ingenuity is important

This is a construction that was requested by the owner who also thought about moving out. The cloth and paint colors we chose together are perfect for the atmosphere of the shop and the owner. We are also looking forward to eating fruit sandwiches ^ ^

I will excuse myself now. Thank you for reading to the end. I hope everyone has a good spring.

Sent to you by Desmond Ageha of William Shamrock Office. 👇



















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