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Store interior construction of old properties

This is Molly from William Shamrock Office (*^-^*) At the end of the year, I told you that the new year is already here (laughs). January is almost over... The fact that time passes quickly It's proof that you're living a fulfilling life☆★

Changing the subject, yesterday was Setsubun day! Misanan facing south-southeast Did you eat it while holding the ehomaki with both hands? I had a delicious yellowtail sushi roll~~♪

Okay, well, that's about it for my story. For owners who are considering opening a store

Do you have any worries like this?

◆ First of all, I do not know where to consult and ask for store interior construction ◆ I have an image of the interior, but I'm worried if it can be done within the budget. ◆ Unable to judge whether the content of the estimate is appropriate I'm an amateur, so I'm worried if they will do the work properly ◆ I'm worried about whether they will respond properly if something happens after the construction is completed If I were the owner I'm full of anxiety, standing at the starting line, Even if you intend to move forward, various problems may occur and you may stop... I can't help but think about it.

Through the communication of the William Shamrock office for such owners, I would appreciate it if you could help me by relieving or reducing anxiety even a little (*^-^*)

Even old properties that are difficult to construct will be transformed!

Then, I was allowed to construct it before. "UV Protection Goods Sales & Babies/Kids Goods Sales" Store Here are some of the construction examples of White Beauty Co., Ltd. (*^^)v I think you will be surprised by the difference between before and after construction.

★Before construction★

★Axle structure★

★ Wall base (board) ★

★ Base putty ★

★ Cloth and floor paste ★ It's already fashionable at this point, isn't it?

★Door mounting★


Eh, it was the same building! An old property has been transformed into a cute studio (*'ω'*) The design is also nice with gentle and calm colors ♪ Above all, I am glad that the owner was pleased. White Beauty requested us to do the interior work for the store I'm really thankful to you. Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us♪ Sincerely.

With the motto "cheap but cool"★

At our company, William Shamrock Office I've been involved in a lot of store construction until now. We make use of the experience we have cultivated to make proposals that can meet your needs. So please feel free to contact us (^^)/ Even if other companies have rejected your property, please contact us first! ! HP of William Shamrock office is here♪ We look forward to hearing from you☆

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