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Italian bar store interior work

Store interior work / store renovation work specialist This is Mori from the William Shamrock office. Although it is also described on our HP William Shamrock Office We provide various store construction services to meet the needs of our customers. Select shops, restaurants, BARs, offices, etc .... Interior work in general! We support all sizes, so please feel free to contact us ♪ William Shamrock office Click here for past construction case articles ☚ We hope for your reference!

Italian bar interior work

Previously, I received a request for interior work of Italian Bar The other day, I visited "Italian Bar gusto in downtown" with D. Ageha-san! !! After all! !! The fresh pasta is delicious (≧ ▽ ≦) It was short pasta, so it was easy to eat Recommended for women and children ♪ By the way, what I had on this day was the butter sauce pasta with prosciutto and parmesan cheese!

The first counter you see when you enter the store is While considering the color of tableware that will be used after it is opened We had a lot of meetings with the owner and designed it. Mr. gusto-after completion- See you! It has a nice interior! !! !! !! Fashionable ~~ ♪

The counter is The red color is cool and accentuated (* ^-^ *) I used a melamine veneer!

This menu blackboard at the top is actually a wallpaper! !! This is also cute ~~ (≧ ▽ ≦) It doesn't look like wallpaper at all ♪ I asked the owner, but it seems that he can write and erase it without any problems!

And we also designed this cutting sheet ♪ If you keep the glass, you can see the inside of the store from the outside, but by sticking a cutting sheet While playing the role of a blindfold, you can think that it is a fashionable shop even from the outside!

After lunch, do you have any problems now? Is there a problem with the construction site? I heard the story! Mr. gusto, this time to our William Shamrock office Thank you for requesting the interior work! Also, if you have any problems Please ask at any time (* ^-^ *) The dessert was also delicious! Thank you very much.


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