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Bakery store interior work

hello! Specializing in store interior work and store renovation work This is Mori from William Shamrock Office (^^) / I was wondering if the rainy season had started, but it seems that the rainy season has already ended. The temperature has risen suddenly. How are you doing? It got hot suddenly, so I'm a little bit tired ... At times like this, you have to eat well. Vegetables that are in season in summer, chicken & pork, eels, pickled plums and lemons It seems to be effective for summer heat, so please try it when you have no appetite! By the way, this time about "bakery store interior work" ★ Click here for previous blog articles ☚☚ How often do you eat bread? I eat bread every morning (^ o ^) I love bread ★ There are various interior designs for bakeries. As for my image, the interior of the bakery is I think there are many stores with a soft and warm atmosphere.

By the way, my childhood friend is also in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. We are opening a bakery. The interior is mainly white and brown It suits her gentle atmosphere ♪ The childhood friend's bakery has a slightly different design on the signboard. Many customers come to the store because they are naturally interested in it. It seems that conversations with customers will be lively, saying "The signboard is cute!" !! How eye-catching and easy to enter? That is also an important point (^ _-) If the interior is bread bought at a fashionable bakery It feels even more delicious As word of mouth spreads, it will lead to the acquisition of new repeaters. As an aside, yesterday there was a "delicious dessert that can be lined up" shop on TV. It was introduced, but everywhere was fashionable ♪ Maybe "the interior design of the store = delicious food" is connected? ?? I thought again while watching TV, and took notes when I was fluffy (laughs)

Interior design is very important

No matter how delicious the bread tastes First of all, if you do not know that it is a "bakery" from the outside of the store Don't even enter the store Even when I entered the store, the inside of the store was dim and the atmosphere was bad. If it ’s such a store that you want to go out soon It is difficult to acquire new customers, and even delicious bread is wasted.

The interior design will change completely depending on the selection of wallpaper, floor materials, counters, display shelves, etc. Lighting is more than illuminating the inside of the store Your impression will change depending on the design of the equipment itself. Depending on the size of the store, it may be possible to provide an eat-in space. You can also get repeaters to use for breaks. Also, because the inside of the store can be seen from outside the store, the type of bread and the atmosphere inside the store Because you can check if there is an eat-in space It is recommended to use a general clear type window ♪ I often make it at William Shamrock office, By sticking the shop logo sticker on the glass surface, the fashion difference will increase ~ And, according to the interior, tips on how to write POP are also essential (* ^. ^ *)

It ’s not a bakery that is everywhere, but a bakery that has been carefully devised. Isn't it possible to convey your feelings to customers and lead to new customer acquisition → repeaters? First of all, what kind of image do you have, including opening funds Please feel free to contact William Shamrock Office! (^^)! Click here for inquiries ☟


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