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About beauty salon store design

William Shamrock Office Morii (^^) / Even though it's early July, the temperature in Osaka is already 38 degrees Celsius ... Before summer comes, I feel like saying "hot, hot" every day. I have to do my best to survive the summer (laughs) Everyone, please be careful about heat stroke. By the way, this time as well, I visited the store that was previously constructed. !! This is All Mine, a beauty salon in Chuo-ku, Osaka.

Voice of the owner ☆

Why did you decide on us from among the many interior decoration companies? We talked to the owner! !! ・ William Shamrock office staff was easy to talk to ・ The response was quick ・ I was relieved to update the construction examples and blogs properly. Thank you for your nice words (^^) /

And the important point in All Mine's beauty salon is All right! About the color usage in the store (^ _-) The owner was worried about the low ceiling and the pressure on the steel columns and beams. The ceiling and floor should not feel oppressive. Designed based on white and gray ♪ Fashionable ~~! The central pillar is the point and it's cool! !!

A must-see for owners of beauty salons that are about to open! !!

The shampoo stand is often dirty with chemicals, etc. I used dark tiles! I can't concentrate if I'm worried about drugs every time I fly You want to use the clean interior for as long as possible. This is the point ☝ While aiming for a bright atmosphere, the staff will be able to perform the treatment more easily. It is also our job to make suggestions.

And in front of this door, there was a pre-construction slope. Here, utilizing the technology cultivated by William Shamrock Office I finished the floor so flat and beautiful that I thought "Where was the slope?" !!

Dear All Mine, Thank you for requesting us to do the interior work! Also, if you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

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