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For those who are considering opening or renovating a bakery shop

Specializing in store interior construction and store renovation work

This is Molly from William Shamrock Office (^^)/

The temperature in Osaka has dropped since yesterday, and the weather is pleasant♪

I feel the signs of autumn☆

I think it would be nice if it just got cooler like this

According to the forecast, the temperature will rise again from tomorrow (+_+)

The temperature difference is intense, so I hope everyone is in good health.

Please take care of yourself.

Well, this time we will start opening and renovating the bakery shop

A few points to keep in mind for those who are considering

I'm going to introduce.

Previously, I uploaded an article about the store interior construction of the bakery shop.

I am very, very happy that after the article was uploaded, I received a lot of inquiries.

The previous blog post is here☟

Bakery store interior construction

Please take a look (^o^)丿

Coexist with Corona! Let's aim to create a store that

In early December 2019, a new coronavirus infection occurred in Wuhan, China.

Almost three years have passed since the first case of infection was reported.

"When will it converge?"

I'm sure you've thought about it once, haven't you?

If there are no signs of convergence,

On the contrary, from now on, while thoroughly preventing the spread of infection

You need to find a lifestyle that coexists with Corona.

Key Points of Bakery Shop Store Design

As an important point in considering the store design of the bakery shop

This time, I will talk about "placement".

There are four placement points

(1) Arrangement of bread display shelves

② Arrangement of kitchen equipment

③ Arrangement of sales space

④ Arrangement of eat-in space

These four placements are very important.

① Bread display shelf

The placement of bread shelves should be carefully thought out.

It is also necessary to secure a space so that customers who enter the store do not become "dense".

Appearance is also very important.

By the way··

When choosing bread, which bread should I choose~~

Isn't it kind of like "exciting ♪ exhilarating ♪"?

I wish I could choose and buy bread more comfortably when I'm in a good mood.

"Let's go shopping again!"

So appearance is very important.

②Kitchen equipment space

The next placement is that everyone is the most important

Regarding the placement of kitchen equipment.

In order for the staff to efficiently carry out the flow from making the dough to completion

You have to think about the overall layout and decide on a good balance.

Recently, store designs where you can see the kitchen from inside the store are also popular (^_-)

③ Sales space

And the third placement is the sales space.

Considering the flow line, we recommend a place far from the entrance and close to the kitchen.

A place that does not get in the way when choosing bread, if the sales space is close to the kitchen

You can serve freshly made bread right away! !

④ Eat-in space

Finally, the fourth placement is the placement of the eat-in space.

The happiness of being able to eat hot, freshly baked bread right away♪

You can only taste it at stores with eat-in spaces (*^^*)

In recent years, an increasing number of owners are creating eat-in spaces outside in consideration of coexistence with COVID-19.

Isn't it difficult to set up an eat-in space with this scale?

If you are thinking about it, please contact us first!


So far, I've only told you about the placement.

I would like to tell you in this blog what kind of design is good in detail...

We need a plan that suits each site, so please contact us first (^_-)-☆


As you can see, there are many places that need to be considered even just for placement.

You need to be conscious of the customer's impression, the line of flow, and the line of flow of the staff.

And let's face the corona virus and make a store that can coexist.

If you are considering store interior construction or renovation work, please feel free to contact the William Shamrock office (^^)/


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