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Jewelery shop | Store interior work | Osaka

The other day, the delivery of the jewelry shop "Berry Jinnia", which was under construction for the interior of the store in Osaka city, has been completed. The owner was Chinese and he was very good at Japanese. We didn't have any staff who could speak Chinese, but we managed to complete the construction with gestures and apps.

Jewelery shop | Interior work
Jewelery shop | Interior work

Chinese request | Store interior work | Osaka

The display fixtures for displaying jewelry were prepared by Chinese people, but we modified them a little and supported them from layout to placement.

The main jewelry this time is "pearl". Before the opening, pearls of various sizes were lined up. The owner was also a little surprised at the atmosphere different from usual ((〃 艸 〃) Mufu

Some people have a negative image because they are Chinese, but the one who supported me this time was very polite. We tried to communicate while choosing Japanese that was easy to understand, but on the contrary, we often feel sorry for fluent Japanese (; ^ _ ^ A).

Not only this time, we have received several requests from Chinese people, but we support the opening of stores in the fields of store interiors and renovation work, regardless of nationality.

Store interior | Borderless
Store interior | Borderless

Jewelery shop interior work | Cost control

At the beginning of the design meeting, I couldn't deny the "feeling of putting too much effort into decoration" because the jewelry products were expensive, but I had to put up with some things and changed the simple ones. By doing so, I think we were able to significantly reduce the construction cost. When it comes to the interior of a jewelry shop, you may want a flashy image, but at our company, it is not the interior of the store, but our own products such as jewelry. The interior of the store is what makes the jewelery stand out, and we believe that the interior of the store should not stand out. This time as well, I focused on some points and divided them into those where costs were spent and those where they were not, and tried to control the costs in a sharp manner.

Points to keep the interior costs of jewelry shops low

After all, it is a point to keep it cheap by thinking about jewelry, which is a commercial product, first. I think you should choose a simple interior. Basically, I think it's enough to add a few points to one color. You want to choose display fixtures that are luxurious like a jewelry shop. I think it's okay if the display is simple. Now that you can buy good products cheaply online, it's definitely cheaper to look for them than to make them from scratch. I would like you to do your best here to keep the construction cost low.

Lower interior costs
Lower interior costs

Jewelery shop design

It depends on your taste, but I think it's better to choose a darker color such as black for the color near the product. Jewelery shines. Some edging can be silver, but gold and other shades are likely to work if you can make it thinner and thinner. Lighting fixtures create a sense of luxury, so the best color of light is "halogen". To create the individuality of the shop, it is common to use some walls and coordinate with signs.

Jewelery shop interior
Jewelery shop interior

Jewelery shop interior | Summary

Unlike in the past, showrooms are becoming simpler even for major famous brands. Even if it is a high-class product called s jewelry, it may lead to a loss of image if it is decorated in a flashy manner, so keep in mind that the interior design is "simple". After that, I think that I should light up the jewelry with lighting equipment.


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